Dito Von Tease is the pseudonym of a digital artist living in Bologna (Italy), who keeps hidden his real identity.

He studied in the best Italian schools of fine arts, communication and design, before starting his double career as an art director in important advertising agencies and as an independent digital artist.

In 2011, he has emerged at the international level with his project Ditology, a gallery of finger-portraits of famous and common people, suggesting a reflection on the topic of digital identities.

In 2014, Dito makes a tribute to his Country and its best talents with Ditalians: a series of finger-portraits of Italians famous in the world.
In 2015, he is back with a new project, iDollz, proposing his vision on the meaning of contemporary simulacra.
In 2017 Dito returns with Melting Pop, a digital project about mashups and portmanteau.
Since 2011, Dito’s work has been reviewed by radios, TVs and internet, published in worldwide newspapers, magazines and books, it has inspired advertising campaigns, attracted collaborations with celebrities and entered in some art galleries’ catalogues in London and Paris.