In Classicool the subjects of the paintings abandon their classical pose by literally taking the canvas to "paint themselves".

The classic works, some of the most famous self-portraits and portraits in the world, come back to life within a digital ecosystem as social networks.

Not just meme shared on social networks, but finished and detailed artworks, like real paintings of the past, showing subjects in authentic and modern selfie poses.

An iconoclastic project that blends together two apparently heterogeneous aesthetics, creating an ironic and surprising result.


Taking selfies is a social and aesthetic practice facilitated by the democratization of photography and increasingly accessible technological tools.

The possibility to easily share self-portraits on social networks has decreed their rapid diffusion and success.

The selfie phenomenon is not only linked to narcissism of post-modern society, but also to technological availability.


Before the birth of photography, self-portraits were practiced only by painters to leave a trace to posterity and portraits were commissioned by powerful people to celebrate their essence, their wealth and their physiognomy.

Century after century, portraits and self-portraits have gradually passed from private to public exhibition and have cut off all kinds of mediation. Painters, photographers, artists and image professionals are no longer needed.

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